About Me

By day, Kate Lockley is a hard hitting, non-award-winning Fairfax journalist with regional publication, The Bay Post/Moruya Examiner, and an extra hard-hitting blogger when she feels like it. 

She is a Macquarie Uni Media graduate who was uprooted from her ghetto lifestyle deep within Sydney’s Western Suburbs and now enjoys a similar lifestyle on the NSW Far South Coast.

She’s worked countless numbers of unpaid hours during internships with the SBS, Mamamia Women’s Network and Newscorp.

At one point in between all the unpaid work, Kate did a few months of freelance work with New Holland Publishers and worked as the chief researcher for the book Ali: The Greatest.

She’s also pursued her passion for radio as a producer of her own current affairs program, That’s What She Said, on community radio station SWR FM 99.9.

If she’s not doing media things, she’s probably flogging another inside joke or socially profiling another ‘unusual character’ she’s just encountered for inclusion in her future sit-com.

LinkedIn | http://www.linkedin.com/in/kate-lockley-405157a3

Email | katelockley93@gmail.com


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